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For auto glass replacement and windshield repair service near Oklahoma City, call (405) 470-6926 for the auto glass specialists at Clayton's Glass. We offer auto glass replacement and repair services for all the glass in every year, make, and model of vehicle on the road.

Need help with your insurance claim paperwork? No problem! At Clayton's Glass, we are dedicated to providing the very best customer service you will find anywhere. Our customer service reps have plenty of experience with auto glass insurance claims and are more than happy to assist you in any way they can.


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When the glass in your vehicle breaks or cracks, call Clayton's Glass for a quick, hassle-free estimate. We will set an appointment that day. Clayton's Glass can replace your auto glass in shop or have a technician to meet you at home, work or wherever is most convenient for you. Mobile auto glass replacement service from Clayton's Glass is available throughout Greater Oklahoma City as well as all of Canadian County.

Complete Auto Glass Replacement OKC

  • Windshield Replacement
  • Back Window Replacement
  • Door & Quarter Glass Replacement
  • Truck Slider Replacement
  • Sunroof Replacement
  • Vent Glass Replacement
  • Rear & Side View Mirror Replacement

We Can Help Locate Replacement Glass for Your Classic Car

Custom Cut Classic Car GlassAt Clayton's Glass, we understand that your classic car gets a little more attention than your daily driver. We are ready to go the extra mile to find a replacement for your classic. We can also custom cut the glass for your classic car much like Bill's work on this classic which was a Don Ridler Memorial Award Winner! During the replacement, your auto glass technician will go to great lengths to ensure your classic car is not damaged in any way.

Auto Glass Replacement Warranty

All auto glass replacements performed by Clayton's Glass includes a 30 day manufacturer warranty and a one year warranty on workmanship.

Windshield repair service from Clayton's Glass is the most cost effective way to extend the life of your windshield. In fact, the windshield repair process has become so reliable that most insurance companies will pay 100% of the cost for your windshield repair when you choose to repair your windshield instead of having it replaced!

Call Today To See If You Qualify For A Free Windshield Repair. Call Today to See if You Qualify for a Free Windshield Repair 405.470.6926

Repairing Windshield ChipWhen Your Windshield Cracks, the Clock Starts Ticking...

When your windshield chips or cracks, an air pocket is introduced that will eventually destroy your windshield. Additional impacts, changes in temperature, small bumps in the road and time can cause the damaged area to expand or even cause new areas of damage. It is imperative that you address your damaged windshield as soon as possible to make sure you still have the option of repairing it. Unfortunately, a windshield repair is no longer an option once the damaged area grows larger than a quarter or a crack expands longer than six (6) inches.

If the chip or crack repaired by Clayton's Glass does not hold, we will take the price of your repair off the cost of your new windshield. Please Note: Proof of repair or invoice number must be presented for warranty to be honored.

Window Regulator and MotorClayton's Glass provides repair and replacement services for your vehicle's window motors and regulators in addition to our auto glass services. If you notice the operation of your windows has become sluggish or fails to seal properly when closed, you may need a new window motor or regulator. In many cases, the glass has become detached from the regulator and simply needs to be reattached.

In most cases of sluggish window operation, the automatic window motor will need to be replaced. Window motors wear out over time and will eventually get to the point where they are no longer able to perform their function correctly.

Please Note: Window motor and regulator repair and replacement from Clayton's Glass must be performed in our shop.

Auto Glass Replacement SafetyWhile all of the glass in your vehicle serves a purpose, none is more important than your windshield. The windshield in your vehicle is actually a safety device much like your seat belts and air bags. In fact, a properly installed windshield is crucial to the proper deployment of the passenger side air bag and helps prevent the vehicle roof from collapsing during a rollover accident.

A properly installed windshield starts with the inspection of the vehicle frame by a knowledgeable auto glass technician. Any rust or corrosion on the vehicle frame will severely inhibit the windshield's performance in the event of an accident and must be repaired before your new windshield is installed.

When it is time to replace your windshield, it is vital to your personal safety that a safety-certified auto glass installer performs your replacement.

Filing an insurance claim for your auto glass replacement or windshield repair has never been easier! The customer service reps at Clayton's Glass can help you initiate your claim and verify coverage to get your replacement completed quickly.

You Have the Right to Choose


Many insurance companies employ tactics to steer you towards a particular shop by telling you a certain shop is "not qualified to perform your auto glass service" or that "you will be responsible for the balance of your invoice" unless you pick one of the insurance company's "approved" shops. SUCH STATEMENTS ARE INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING AND AGAINST OKLAHOMA STATE LAW. In most cases, these "approved" auto glass shops are actually owned by your insurance company!